Level up your JavaScript (Front-End) Skills


WPEForm - No-code Drag-n-Drop WordPress Form Builder

Useful for payments, quotation, quizzes, conversations & user feedbacks of all kinds.

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I created this tool in the hope that it will bring more WordPress developers to this crazy moving front-end world (crazy in all good way). With the tooling out of the way, you can actually focus on what matters, writing code.

Here’s a list of tutorials and websites (some free and some paid, but I don’t get paid if you subscribe 😜) I have found extremely useful.

  1. You don’t know JS (I am not saying to you, it’s the name of the book) - https://github.com/getify/You-Dont-Know-JS
  2. Courses by Wesbos - https://wesbos.com/courses/
  3. Courses by Dylan C. Israel - https://scrimba.com/@PizzaPokerGuy
  4. Courses by Kent C. Dodds - https://egghead.io/instructors/kentcdodds
  5. Journal by my friend Saikat - https://github.com/saikatdas0790/tech-learning-journal/blob/master/2018/2018.md Might help you get started 😃.

So thank you for reading and all the best with your journey of becoming a great front-end (full stack, given we already know WordPress & PHP 😉) developer.

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