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Bootstrap wpackio-scripts to your project

This guide covers in-depth how to get started or incorporate tooling into your WordPress project. Install the build tool We have two way to get started with @wpackio/scripts. Bootstrap the files automatically Using this way is recommended. It will not override any of your files and will bo…

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Use PHP API to consume assets

While @wpackio/scripts will generate the assets for you, you still need a way to actually wp_enqueue_script the assets and define dynamic publicPath to make them actually work. wpackio/enqueue is the PHP companion of @wpackio/scripts. It gives you all the APIs you will need to properly consume asse…

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Adding custom env variables

Starting version 6.0.0 @wpackio/scripts can handle custom env variables from .env file at the root of your project. Anything in process.env available during yarn start or yarn build. All variables starting with WPAKCIO_ will be available in your application code without the WPACKIO_ prefix. So if y…

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Start using development server

Now that we have all dependencies installed, it is time to start the development server. Remember that wpackio-scripts doesn’t provide any WordPress development server. You are free to use any local server, like wamp, mamp, vvv. Let’s start by editing our wpackio.server.js file. Edit wpackio.server…

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Creating Production Distribution

Now that you know how to start development server, it’s time to create production build. In most of the cases it is a single command away. But if you want to create distributable .zip file for your WordPress theme or plugin, then we have you covered too. Create production assets From your terminal …

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VERSION 6.4.0 @wpackio/scripts ENHANCE -e, --entries of wpackio-scripts start now accepts name of entries along with indexex. More here. Other packages Non breaking upgrade of dependencies. VERSION 6.3.0 @wpackio/scripts NEW Option useBabelConfig in file config to override project-wide configuratio…

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