Adding Typescript to your project

@wpackio/scripts has first-class support for both typescript and flow type. While flow works right out of the box there are some configuration needed for typescript.

Provided tooling

@wpackio/scripts comes with the build tooling for typescript, not typescript and webpack plugins. Also note that, we use babel 7 to compile typescript and Fork TS Checked Webpack Plugin to show type-errors during build/development time. So there are some gotchas.

What doesn’t work

As explained in microsoft blog the following doesn’t work when using babel to compile typescript.

  • namespaces.
  • bracket style type-assertion/cast syntax regardless of when JSX is enabled (i.e. writing <Foo>x won’t work even in .ts files if JSX support is turned on, but you can instead write x as Foo).
  • enums that span multiple declarations (i.e. enum merging).
  • legacy-style import/export syntax (i.e. import foo = require(...) and export = foo).

So keep these in mind.

Installing dependencies

First we need to install typescript itself.

npm i -D typescript fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin

Now create tsconfig.json at the root according to your need. Here’s a sample.

	"compilerOptions": {
		/* Basic Options */
		"target": "esnext", // we would be compiling with babel, so we can target esnext
		"module": "esnext", // for import() and es5 import/export
		"lib": ["esnext", "dom"], // include all libraries you need
		"jsx": "preserve", // because babel will transform it

		/* Strict Type-Checking Options */
		"strict": true, // suggested

		/* Module Resolution Options */
		"moduleResolution": "node", // because of webpack
		"allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true, // to make it compatible with babel
		"esModuleInterop": true, // to make it compatible with babel
		"isolatedModules": true // to limit implementation

Having moduleResolution and isolatedModules is a good idea, cause you won’t accidentally use something that isn’t supported.


Now simply define .ts or .tsx file in your wpackio.project.js file as entry-point.

module.exports = {
	// ...
	files: {
		name: 'tsapp',
		entry: {
			main: ['./src/tsapp/main.ts'],

Now you are good to go. The compiler will also show any ts error you might have.

NOTE - Internally depends on fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin to show type errors during build time. So make sure you install it, otherwise it will not work.

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