Adding custom env variables


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Starting version 6.0.0 @wpackio/scripts can handle custom env variables from

  • .env file at the root of your project.
  • Anything in process.env available during yarn start or yarn build.

All variables starting with WPAKCIO_ will be available in your application code without the WPACKIO_ prefix. So if you have WPACKIO_SECRET_KEY in your env, then you can access it from your app by process.env.SECRET_KEY.

Easiest way to get started

Start by creating a .env (note the leading dot) file at the root of your project. Now paste the following content in it


The above values would be available through process.env.STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY and process.env.SENDY_PUBLIC_KEY. The prefix WPACKIO_ is automatically stripped in application code.

const stripeSdk = Stripe(process.env.STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY);
const elements = stripeSdk.elements();

Anything in the env which does not start with WPACKIO_ is ignored. This is made this way to prevent leaking sensitive credentials to the app.

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