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Project Configuration with wpackio.project.js

The wpackio.project.js file at the root of your workspace tells wpackio how your project is to be compiled. When you bootstrap this file is created for you. You should commit wpackio.project.js with your VCS. A typical project file looks like this. Let’s dive in deep with different options. appName…

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Server Configuration with wpackio.server.js

The wpackio.server.js file at the root of your workspace tells wpackio how your development server is handled. It is used to proxy an existing development server and run webpack and browsersync on top of it, to give you the ultimate developer experience. You should NOT commit wpackio.server.js with…

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Methods and options of PHP API

The following are the methods and options for \WPackio\Enqueue class which comes with the composer package. Creating Instance While creating a class instance, you can pass in up-to 5 parameters. $appName (string) It has to be same as you have defined in wpackio.project.js under appName. $outputPath…

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Node.js APIs provided by @wpackio/scripts

While @wpackio/scripts is meant to be used as a CLI tool, it does expose all of the necessary node.js APIs to create your own CLI. For now, the best place to check the exports is the file itself. Since we develop in typescript and ship all .d.ts files, you will get IDE intellisense by default. Here…

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