Adding custom babel configuration to your project


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By default @wpackio/scripts ignores all babel.config.js and .babelrc files and passes its own configuration to babel-loader. This works great for most of the projects. But you might want to pass custom babel configuration which is aware of tests or perhaps needs some other custom plugins.

There are two safe approach to do this.

Using project config

If your babel configuration is only needed for @wpackio/scripts and not any other tooling (like jest), then you should be able to use the project configurations.

You will need to use babelPresetOptions and babelOverride options to pass in custom values directly to @wpackio/scripts.

Using custom babel.config.js

If you need shared babel config between @wpackio/scripts and some other tool, then create a babel.config.js file in the your project root.

Now edit wpackio.project.js file and put

module.exports = {
	// config
	// this tells wpackio-scripts to use your own babel.config.js file
	useBabelConfig: true,

Now @wpackio/scripts will not pass any options to babel-loader and it will fallback to your own babel.config.js file.

Note that when doing this, you will lose the built-in abilities for react, typescript etc. Because internally @wpackio/scripts passes the needed babel options to babel-loader to parse and compile those files.

However you can easily achieve the same with the getBabelPresets node.js API. Your babel.config.js file may look like this.

import { getBabelPresets } from '@wpackio/scripts';

module.exports = api => {
	// create cache based on NODE_ENV
	api.cache.using(() => process.env.NODE_ENV);

	const presetOptions = {
		noDynamicImport: false,
		noImportMeta: false,
		noClassProperties: false,
		noJsonStrings: false,
		noRuntime: false,
		hasReact: true,
		presetEnv: {
			// Override Options for @babel/preset-env
			useBuiltIns: 'usage',
		presetReact: {
			// Override Options for @babel/preset-react

	// make test aware changes
	const isTest = api.env('test');

	if (isTest) {
		// since jest only understands commonjs modules
		presetOptions.presetEnv.modules = 'commonjs';

	const babelConfig = {
		presets: getBabelPresets(presetOptions, 'typescript'),
		plugins: ['@babel/plugin-proposal-private-methods'],

	return babelConfig;

Do keep in mind that you will have to pass in options like hasReact, hasFlow etc again because @wpackio/scripts does not manage this file.

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