Upgrading from v5 to v6 and Breaking Changes


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Version 6 of @wpackio/scripts has many improvements. While most of the changes are kept as backward compatible, some might break your project. So please take note of the followings.


postcss-loader has been updated to the very latest and now postcss is a peer dependency. So after updating you’d either need to install postcss

yarn add postcss --dev

Or bootstrap again

yarn bootstrap

For CSS processing to work.


If you are not using anything from @wordpress package, then you are not affected.

Starting v6, all modules under @wordpress namespace will be automatically marked as externals. So when you do something like

import { __ } from '@wordpress/i18n';

const greetings = __('Hello World', 'domain');

It will be roughly compiled into

const { __ } = wp.i18n;

const greetings = __('Hello World', 'domain');

But it doesn’t mean you have to add wp-i18n script dependency manually. If you are using wpackio/enqueue PHP library, then this process is automatic. No code change is necessary.

We do this by default only for all @wordpress namespace packages. We don’t do this for React, ReactDOM, jQuery or any other scripts.

Except when optimizeForGutenberg is set to true. Please see Project Configuration to learn more.


If you are not dealing with the manifest file directly, then you are not affected.

webpack asset manifest plugin has been updated and it has changed the output format. Accordingly wpackio/enqueue has also been updated (v3.0.0). If you are dealing with the manifest directly, then note instead of

$manifest['wpackioEp'][ $entryPoint ]

we now have to do

$manifest['wpackioEp'][ $entryPoint ]['assets']

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